Just a doctoral student trying to maintain her love for reading while keeping up her writing, all whilst not burning down the lab

This reading journey began in 2015, during my gap-year between my undergraduate career and graduate school. During this year I decided to reignite my past obsession with reading. I had let it go during my undergraduate schooling — textbooks do not promote pleasure reading. As I commenced this reading endeavor, I decided to give myself direction. I realized, even with having just finished my bachelor’s degree, that my knowledge base was skewed and I was severely lacking education on a variety of topics. So, I decided to fill this void by focusing on atypical topics, authors of colors, intersectional feminism, non-Eurocentric history and whatever else would come my way that I deemed worthwhile.

Enjoy with me this journey for the pursuit of knowledge that our current system does not deem to be necessary common knowledge.