Book Deals for September 7th

Seems that I am unable to help myself from buying books. In my defense I did have some Amazon credit available to me so I willingly spent that.

In today’s interesting book deals:

When Broken Glass Floats: This book fits well into my book journey goals. Definitely about a place I have never read about and know almost nothing on except for the details a friend of mine from Cambodia shared here and there. Excited to see where it takes me!

Ten Thousand Saints: I did not actually purchase this one. I am restraining myself but it seems to be a good find as well. The description had this one sentence that really grabbed me: “A sweeping exploration of family, loss, and one generation’s attempts to escape the mistakes of their parents”.

History is All You Left Me: This one I could not help myself mainly because I haven’t read a sad love story in awhile. In a lot of the books I have been reading recently the love stories have not been central so it will be a nice change of pace. Additionally this book doesn’t follow the usual heteronormative angle that love stories take.

Happy Reading!

“You can tell if someone really loves Books by the way they look at them, how they open and close them, how they turn the pages.”
― Milena Busquets


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