Mundane is Good 

The PhD life teaches you a lot of things, it teaches you how valuable your time is and that you have be careful how you spend your heartbeats. You learn to prioritize things and how to let certain things go. Unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day to do all the things you want to get done.

However, I have been struggling with the routine that is the PhD life. I have never been a fan of routine and thrive on unexpected developments. This is why I always try to keep myself busy with extra-curricular activities or things outside of just school. I require a lot of stimulation. Nevertheless, I am trying to learn how to appreciate the mundane. I think we are taught that life is supposed to always be dramatic, and that anything besides that is boring. In other words, it’s problematic to see time pass you by and is considered boring or mundane. I want to change my perspective on that and learn to appreciate the mundane. Only because that is what my life is right now and I refuse to be in a state where I do not look forward to things. I am, unfortunately, working on my potential energy right now and so can not yet fully actualize myself. That doesn’t mean though that I shouldn’t enjoy myself, just requires a little change in perspective.

Life Mottos:
1. It’s Fine
2. No One to Blame But Myself
3. The Mundane is Good


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