An Ode to Summer

This is feeling is not new. I have experienced this sense of despair with seeing the end of summer near for almost my entire life, however this time it is slightly different. As a PhD student you don’t really have summers “off” anymore. You are still, for the most part, expected to complete research during this time and can manage to get perhaps a few weeks off. Nevertheless at least the evenings are yours to do with what you will, which is something to rejoice in. 

With August here, I know these evenings will soon disappear and it does not have me overjoyed. Already I feel that my time is limited, even with ALL this additional time available to me to devote to things I usually do not have time for. Time is an interesting concept and as I move through my PhD journey I have been learning to respect my time more and more.

You only have so many heartbeats per day. Spend them wisely. 
“Reader’s Bill of Rights

1. The right to not read 

2. The right to skip pages 

3. The right to not finish 

4. The right to reread 

5. The right to read anything 

6. The right to escapism 

7. The right to read anywhere 

8. The right to browse 

9. The right to read out loud 

10. The right to not defend your tastes”

– Daniel Pennac 


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