Late Post On Promotions

I went a little crazy recently with books and with everything going on wasn’t able to share the day I purchased, i.e. when the promotions were actually occurring. A little useless but  wanted to share regardless the books that caught my attention:

Let the Drum Speak
– This is the final book of a story that spans three books and three generations. I need to review the other two that I have already finished!

An Improbable Friendship
– Given the current climate between Israelis and Palestinians, I hope this book will help me better understand the rifts and the goodness that still remains.

No Land’s Man
– I haven’t read a comedy piece for awhile, and I really liked the title of this book and was a fan of Aasif when he appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In the Country of Men
– The description of this book sold me the minute that it said Libya. I have not read a book whose setting is in Libya. Continuing to ensure the books I read are not always taking place in either Europe or the United States.


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