Book Promotions for February 8th

One of my dear friends whilst preparing a lecture for class asked me to look over her slides which discussed a myriad of things, include the World’s Fair of 1893 in Chicago. I had heard about these so called fairs over the years, but had never truly conceptualized what they represented. My friend was integrating them into her lecture in order to discuss American Imperialism and the display of brown bodies that occurred at these sort of fairs as a sort of spectacle.

For today’s book promotions the book: Spectacle.

Now the exoticism of brown bodies is nothing new, but many of us like to forget or don’t know that this exoticism was taken to extremes. People of color were taken from their homes and brought to foreign lands, mainly America and Europe, to be displayed to the white populace as entertainment and a means of showing the true supremacy of whiteness.

I look forward to reading this book, for I although I am not wholly unaware of this practice, I have never been exposed to or read about these shameful practices of white colonialism and imperialism.



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