Book Promotions of January 30th

I feel that it would probably be useful that I share what books I buy when they come on sale. Obviously by the time I get to review these books they are sometimes no longer on sale and that is not very productive to the point of this blog.

For today’s notable book promotions for e-books there is Kindred ($2.99; Amazon) and The Women of Brewster Place ($1.99; Amazon). Both books are written by female women of color and are about women of color, so if you are looking to expand your library to include more books that are written by women of color and that speak of the lived-experience of women of color, this would be your chance.

Octavia Butler, who is the author of Kindred, is actually a prominent science-fiction writer, and I have read her trilogy of Lilith’s Brood. I will have to do a review on them at a later time, but they were excellent books. Octavia Butler skills as an author are not bound by genre!


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