Everything I Never Told You

I had heard about this book and seen it on Amazon whilst shopping for the many other books that I buy on a daily basis. However, I am always wary of books that become so popular and that everyone is reading.

I ended up reading this book for my Authors of Color book club, and I will say that I shouldn’t have judged this book by the cover.

When you read the summary you don’t expect that this book will affect you the way it does. By the end of it, I definitely felt that I was being given the opportunity to view my own familial woes from a totally different perspective.

When I first started reading this book,  I was annoyed due to my utter lack of being able to keep up with the different characters at the beginning. Celeste Ng would switch character perspectives so often, that if you are a person who is bad at remembering names, like me, it takes some time to adjust and a little bit of effort. However, once past this roadblock, this book becomes utterly delightful and insightful.

Celeste Ng touches on so many different themes. From the hardships that interracial couples and the kids of these unions can face, to the difficulties of communication, to the  distress teenagers face as they grow-up. The author uses a simple plot line and is able to weave these deep emotional issues that any reader can identify with, for they are typical day-to-day problems. However, what makes her book truly unique, is how much you find yourself identifying with not only the characters but the general situation at hand. It is so easy to get caught up in daily activities and not realize how your actions or non-actions can affect those around you. Most of all, following the book’s title, you realize that it is better to have said things to not have said anything at all.

Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a meaningful read. I wasn’t in tears at the end but for those of you  who are more emotional than me with my cold, black heart, you may be extremely moved.


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